Recently, at the Rhode Island Foundation's Annual Meeting, we shared preliminary results from Together RI.  We plan to release a longer, more detailed, report later this summer and are working with the University of Rhode Island's Social Science Institute for Research, Education, and Policy to analyze and compile the full results.

We will share the full report here when it is complete, but until then, here is a sampling of what we’ve learned from the nearly 1,300 people who came together at 20 community meals that took place across Rhode Island between March22nd and May 5th: 

  • The youngest Together RI participant was three and a half months old, the eldest was a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor.
  • Nearly 1,000 participants completed surveys asking them about their experience.
  • Just under 20 percent were under 45 years old; about 35 percent were 65 or older.
  • Nearly 65 percent of survey respondents were women and nearly 35 percent were men.
  • More than 72 percent of survey respondents said they better understand the issues their community faces.
  • Nearly 75 percent said they are now more likely to get involved in community issues.
  • Of survey respondents, 60 percent rated the tone of the conversation at their table as "friendly", and 40 percent as "thoughtful".
  • 99 percent of survey respondents reported meeting someone new.
  • Public education, the size of the state, natural resources and open spaces, housing, public transportation, and diversity were among the topics that came up most frequently.
  • Finally - as a group, we consumed 47 gallons of marinara sauce! 

As we continue to review and analyze the results, we are also determining what to do next. As the state’s community foundation, we will continue to explore other ways to promote civic and civil dialogue, face-to-face communication, and a positive, constructive, can-do approach to meeting the needs of the people of Rhode Island.